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The Quest for Ageless Beauty

Age creeps up on us all. However we no longer have to allow it to ravage us, unchecked. Antiaging research and development have been releasing studies and new antiaging products almost daily all to help us look and feel younger.

For those who want to stay the hand of time and remain youthful and active through and past middle age, there has been no more exciting time to be growing older.

Science has produced many new antiaging solutions. We now know that parts of the aging process can be slowed or delayed. There are steps one can take to support the body and keep healthy processes going.

We now understand the value of early and consistent sun protection, proper nutrition, vitamin supplements, and age-appropriate exercise. Thinning hair can be slowed and maybe even reversed with treatments such as minoxidil, propecia or copper peptide solutions.

Some signs of aging can be erased. There are antiaging procedures such as face lifts, facial peels, dermabrasion and laser resurfacing techniques that quite literally erase facial wrinkles.

Hair replacement can erase a receding hairline by implanting healthy follicles where others have died an untimely death.

There are antiaging skincare products that camouflage signs of aging, at least temporarily. Cosmetics with special properties like light-reflecting particles, foundation shades that match skin tones and provide coverage without a mask like appearance, temporary lifts that tighten facial skin all allow us to look years younger one day at a time.

AHAs, BHAs, Retin A and retinol preparations provide longer lasting results by uncovering more youthful skin beneath the surface and speeding up the skins natural rebuilding process. The latest antiaging firming creams for cellulite and slackening skin have performed well in standard industry tests, providing smoother tighter skin that lasts.

Most exciting of all are the new products that hold the promise of actually reversing some signs of aging. Newer antiaging cosmetic surgery techniques give more natural looking and lasting results. Botox, and perhaps the new serums that purport to mimic the muscle-freezing effect of Botox, prevent the formation or deepening of lines of expression.

There are new creams on the market that combine ancient herbal remedies with modern substances created in the laboratory and claim to actually rebuild collagen beneath the skins surface removing wrinkles from the inside out! Amazingly, they actually seem to work.

And there are the controversal hormone theraphies, such as HGH and DHEA. They seem to be effective, but at what cost to our future health?

All this has come just in time for the boomer generation, the leading edge of which is now turning sixty. There has never been a bigger demand for effective products to help them stay young and vigorous.

Everyone knows this lovely phrase written by John Keats.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
Its loveliness increases
It will never pass into nothingness

Endymion, 1818

If you desire to take joy in a more youthful and beautiful you and preserve your beauty, if not forever, at least as long as possible, you want to know about the most recent antiaging developments.

Just as importantly, you want to know which antiaging products are proven effective, look promising or are simply fads or marketing hype. You also want to know which product among competing ones offers the best value.

By Jean Bowler. For the latest in antiaging skin care and cosmetic procedures; diet, nutrition and exercise; hormone theraphy; hair loss and more, visit

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